Movin’ on Up

June 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

LtE has moved to a new home!!


boy, did I ever get lucky?

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Eric, in light of how much my life has sucked in the past moth, made an executive decision that tomorrow is picnic day. Of course, he left it up to me to bring the food, but for a day of cuddles and LOtR? I’m so down.

We’ve  agreed on lemonade, PB & J,  fruit salad, chips, molasses cookies and choco-rasin granola bars. A feast fit for two semi-healthy teenagers (I’d be lying if I said we didn’t feed each others cheez-it addiction)!  4/5 home made, 5/5 all natural.

I’ve never used these recipes before, but I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Whether Mice or Men Have Second Tries…

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Dear Elliott;

I called the cops last night. I didn’t feel safe at home anymore.

They told me I wasn’t an adult till I was legally 18, that my parents were only making decisions in my best interest & that if they took me somewhere they’d take me to 72 hour psychiatric evaluation.

1) Naw, shit. Really?

2) Ahah. I wish that was true.

3) By law, you are required to take me somewhere safe. I know you’re working the night shift and shit, but come the fuck on.

So I stayed at home. Crying. At Eric.

I’ll write again once I’ve figured out where I am.

Oh, and all I’ve got to show for it? My house REEKS of cop.



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It’s an odd middle, perhaps the oddest I’ve ever experienced. Too attached to life and the people in it to self harm, yet displeased enough with most of those people that you simply don’t wish to live. You want to find some illusive third option, the one that only exist in the scariest of horror stories or the most fantastic of success stories.

Food Diary; June 11th and 12th, 2010

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(no pictures, sorry)

June 11th:

1/2 Bagel w. cream cheese-200
Apple Juice: 60

grilled cheese-500

afternoon snack


June 12th

1 & 1/2 waffles, a little syrup-400

Pasta salad-300

Afternoon snack
1/2 Starbucks Venti hot cocoa w. whipped- 230
3 chocolate chip cookies-290

A bit of swordfish-100
Green beans-180

Ghostly Cinema; Anne Frank

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I just don’t know how to feel about this. Maybe I’ll update it later when I can chew it into smaller pieces.

June 11th, 2010/List

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I have vividly green eyes
my fingers and toes are cute
I have two dimples on my left cheek, none on my right and a dimple on each arse cheek
I have an intuitive feel for math
I can run for long periods of time (when I feel so compelled)
I am a survivor
I can dress myself
I have taught myself math
I have exquisite taste in literature
I’ve learned to take a joke
I have very pretty skin
My legs are cellulite free!
I can go for a week without shaving my legs and be totally at ease
Same with my armpits
I accidentally landed the most incredible boyfriend
I am a strong, independent woman
I do not discriminate, judge or label
I can look at a picture of Eric when he had breasts and just be jealous
I can adapt
I am logical, simplistic and neutral
I do not participate in politics
I can eat chinese food without regret (and minimal bloating!)
Today, I will have a grilled cheese & a pastry on the same day

    To be continued….

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