June 11th, 2010/List

June 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have vividly green eyes
my fingers and toes are cute
I have two dimples on my left cheek, none on my right and a dimple on each arse cheek
I have an intuitive feel for math
I can run for long periods of time (when I feel so compelled)
I am a survivor
I can dress myself
I have taught myself math
I have exquisite taste in literature
I’ve learned to take a joke
I have very pretty skin
My legs are cellulite free!
I can go for a week without shaving my legs and be totally at ease
Same with my armpits
I accidentally landed the most incredible boyfriend
I am a strong, independent woman
I do not discriminate, judge or label
I can look at a picture of Eric when he had breasts and just be jealous
I can adapt
I am logical, simplistic and neutral
I do not participate in politics
I can eat chinese food without regret (and minimal bloating!)
Today, I will have a grilled cheese & a pastry on the same day

    To be continued….


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